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In checking the box below I agree and understand that the Mission Hill Yoga Teacher Training Program involves daily physical activity, sometimes for multiple hours at a time. Any physical injuries or conditions that might affect a daily physical practice, I have a doctor’s clearance to participate in the program. I understand that my payment and application are for attending the program, and that certification is not guaranteed. My certification and graduation are dependent on my participation and completion of the training. Some of the requirements are listed below. Although more may be given during training: - Attendance to all hours and full participation in all exercises - Personal performance in group teaching exercises - Written exams or homework assignments - Final public teaching My certification and graduation are fully at the discretion of the Lead Trainer and Directors of Mission Hill Yoga School. Graduation may be withheld at the discretion of the Lead Trainer and Directors until satisfactory completion of the program has been demonstrated. Full certification with Yoga Alliance requires a signed certification as well as online approval by the Lead Trainer. *
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