Student Testimonials

“Like most of the students in my small yoga teacher training class, I signed up for the class with no intention of teaching after and not knowing what to expect. With Cassandra as our instructor, I gained so much knowledge about the history and theory of yoga. I was able to deepen my practice. Most surprisingly I found myself wanting to teach and having the confidence and the skills to do so right away. I picked up my own regular class teaching at a studio about two months later, and have been able to continue to grow as an instructor since then with the solid foundation provided in teacher training with Cassi. I would highly recommend signing up for training with Cassi. She is knowledgeable and her practice is inspiring.
— Ajita P., March 2018
Yoga teacher training at Mission Hill changed my life. I’m not sure I can adequately put into words what it has taught me, but I’ll certainly try. Cassi has a passion for Yoga. It’s evident in the way she teaches, practices, and lives by the Dharma. Yoga, for many, is just Asana but in teacher training, you learn about much more than Asana. It’s not just the physicality of the Asana practice but the INTENTION behind each Asana. I learned I was doing things as basic as downward facing dog incorrectly and without intention. Even if you never teach another person, this teacher training will significantly impact and progress your own self-practice. I learned mindfulness because in order for me to teach my students mindfulness I had to have a healthy relationship with my own mind. We were taught both Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, although Cassi is a predominantly Buddhist based teacher. We also learned about many forms of meditation and were assigned readings that broadened our scope. One of my favorite weekends of training was the assists weekend. I realized I had a gift that weekend. A gift to lift and help heal those around me with my hands and energy. I made someone feel safe with my touch and that’s a moment I will forever cherish. I love this training because Cassi took into consideration each of our modes of learning to make the information as accessible to everyone as possible. I met some of the strongest women during my training and we honestly have become family, sangha. This teacher training has significantly helped me heal my body, my mind, and my spirit.
— Loula V., June 2019
Cassandra is an amazing teacher! Her wealth of knowledge and generosity of spirit has had a positive influence on me. Through 200-hour Teacher Training with Cassi, I learned to open my mind and heart and live more mindfully. Initially signing up to deepen my understanding of Yoga and its teachings, Cassi’s preceptorship enabled me to become a yoga instructor. Her deep respect for yoga practice and its philosophy shines through to all she meets. Wise beyond her years, Cassi “gets it”. I am grateful to have studied under Cassandra Foster and will continue to learn and practice under her mentorship.
— Monica M., March 2018
I signed up for yoga teacher training to enhance my knowledge and practice for yoga with the possibility of teaching. Cassi delivered, and then some. Her vast knowledge and experience translated well both as a teacher in her classes and in the training. The space she creates for her students to learn and be open is one that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Thank you, Cassi, I’m so happy I took your training and would do it again!
— Kristin B., June 2019
Thank you to the entire Mission Hill Family for the wonderful 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. To say it’s been an honor to practice with all of you would be an understatement. The encouragement, uplifting and empowerment that you gave will never be forgotten and has transformed me as a person from the inside out. This Yoga Teacher Training has taught me that I have so much more to learn..... Cassi is a knowledgeable, informed and terrific yoga teacher and instructor. She took the time to understand the pose from my perspective on the mat, something that is very rare in today’s cookie-cutter yoga environment.

What Cassi provided was more than just a yoga training, she managed to instill confidence in me I didn’t realize existed. She believed in my abilities even when I could not see them providing just the right amount of faith until I could catch up. She is perhaps one of the more patient and balanced people. She brought this 100% to each and every class consistently. I highly recommend this training to anyone, Cassi will lead you into a deeper understanding of yoga and you will perhaps most likely leave with a profound awareness of who you are within.
— Rose T., June 2019
I highly recommend taking Cassandra Foster’s 200 hour YTT classes! After regularly practicing yoga for 3+ years, I secretly wanted to become a yoga teacher, but did not think I was experienced enough. When I learned about Cassi’s training and discussed my yoga practice with her, she immediately quelled my fears. The anatomy, history, alignment, and asana classes were all thoughtfully presented. Questions were always welcomed and the knowledge learned was invaluable. My fellow classmates were always encouraging, positive, and supportive. I started teaching three weeks after completing the YTT, and thanks to Cassi, I have the confidence to share my practice and enlighten others to my passion for yoga.
— Anne H., March 2018
I am a busy mom of 2, who has practiced yoga on and off for 15 years. In recent years, the idea of a YTT had intriuged me. I was interested in learning more about the “why” behind the poses and how to deepen and improve my overall practice and flexibility. I signed up to take Cassi’s training as I had heard amazing things about her as an instructor (and to this day, after all the yoga instructors I’ve had, she is still, by far, my favorite). YTT was the first thing I’d done for myself in what felt like a long time and my practice was definitely rusty. Cassi went over the history and philosophy of yoga, taught us all about meditation (wait until she teaches you yoga nidra!), the importance of form and alignment within poses, the significance of adjusting and how to teach a class. She gave us crucial tips on teaching and brought in guests to assist with complex topics. Overall, YTT with Cassi was a wonderful experience that exceeded all expectations I had. I now often teach friends and share my newfound knowledge with them. I still miss the days of getting up when it was still dark to meet Cassi and my co-trainees in the yoga studio. It’s a time I’ll always hold dear to my heart and am ever so grateful for.
— Holly B., March 2018
I got hooked on Cassi’s yoga classes in 2016 at various studios around the city. Once she opened her own space, my practice became regular and I knew that I wanted to deepen my practice and knowledge more. Yoga Teacher Training with Cassi at Mission Hill Yoga is truly transformative whether you plan to teach immediately after completing the program, or you want to go deeper with your own practice. I was steered towards Cassi’s MHY not only because I love her teaching style, but also because the class size was intimate and not intimidating. You get out of it what you put into it. It’s not always easy- both physically and mentally- but it was a beautiful experience and I can’t thank myself enough for this experience and gift I provided myself. Cassi is caring and compassionate, and ensures you are equipped with the knowledge and experience to leave the training ready to teach and share your love of yoga with others.
— Lindsey V., June 2019
After having had a regular yoga practice for 3-4 years I knew I wanted to learn more. The classes I had taken with Cassi had shown her to be very knowledgeable and sincere in her practice. Her guidance in class clearly demonstrated her innate ability to ‘read’ the body and assist in a way that allowed me to feel stronger in poses and enhance my own practice. Thus, although the YTT options in Boston are extensive, I really felt Cassi could help with what I was looking for. Embarking on the 200-hr teacher training with her was something I will never regret. The whole program delivered much more than what I could have expected. Each element was outlined and discussed in an engaging and informative way and has truly transformed my practice. My intention was never to teach, yet the approach instilled an understanding that has allowed me to develop a meaningful and fulfilling individual practice. I still practice with Cassi and she never fails to inspire.
— Sean C., March 2018
If you want to transform your mind, body, and soul then get certified with Cassi. I have been practicing off and on since 2002 and it took me some time to decide to take my practice to the next level. I researched and practiced with various instructors and studios. I chose Cassi because of her ability to teach to all fitness and experience levels, the structure of her course, her style and spirit, and the work-life balance the course allowed. My intent on starting this program was to further my personal practice. Through the program, I have discovered that I enjoy assisting. My favorite is the spa class! Not only do I get to utilize the skills I have learned but also help others relax and de-stress. This program has made me stronger mentally and physically while calming me at the same time. I would highly recommend Cassi. An added benefit is the lasting community and friendships I have made. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
— Colie L., March 2018